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Is Online LSAT Prep Right for You?


The truth is, preparing for the LSAT is a very personal process. Although it’s a standardized test, preparing for it is anything but standardized. As humans who have attended sixteen-plus years of schooling, LSAT students have had ample time to figure out their studying style. So choosing the right way to study for the LSAT is a matter of simply finding the method that fits with your studying style, schedule, and location.

Outside of trying to tackle the LSAT on your own, there are three common ways to study for the exam: private tutoring, classroom courses, and doing your LSAT prep online. Private tutoring is pretty self-explanatory. Here at Blueprint, students are matched with one of our incredible tutors based off of a student’s personality and study goals. Students who thrive with individual attention, including a personalized study plan, can particularly benefit from tutoring.

Classroom courses are another self-explanatory study option. Classroom courses are perfect for students who learn best in a traditional classroom with an instructor at the front of the room. (Did you know many of our tutors are quite well versed in dry erase marker whiteboard art?) The only catch is that students should be able to commit to the pre-determined schedule of the course.

Doing your LSAT prep online is kind of a gray area. It can be difficult to discern what exactly it means and if it’s “right” for you.

The general overview is that online LSAT prep is the same, great LSAT prep that you’d get in a classroom course — the only difference is that it’s online. Here at Blueprint, we even have two different kinds of online prep: live course and on-demand.

Live Course classes are almost identical to a traditional classroom. You’ll have an instructor teaching you in real time — you’ll even be able to comment questions and receive an answer! Similar to classroom courses, to take advantage of the “live” feature of the class, you’ll need to be present during the time that the instructor is … well … live. The difference from classroom courses is that you’ll be able to follow along to the class while at home wearing your pajamas — no one will ever know!

On-demand classes are the same material, except they’re not live. You’ll have access to videos that our LSAT experts have pre-recorded. Don’t worry, though — if you have any questions, you can attend our daily office hours or write in to your instructor study buddy. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got you covered on our end with the prep, but you may still need to decide if online LSAT prep is for you. To help out your decision, you consider the following:

1. Do you work full time with crazy, unpredictable hours? We get it, it can be really difficult to fit in LSAT prep while working full time — especially if your hours aren’t predetermined. It can make a classroom course nearly impossible. In situations like these, we typically recommend our on-demand online course. This way, you can work on your own time.

2. Do you work in a location where getting to a classroom course is very difficult? If you live in Buffalo, and don’t want to take the train down to NYC bi-weekly, perhaps live course is the class for you! LSAT prep can be costly enough–we don’t have to add train fare to it!

3. Do you enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home? Did someone say … online prep from your living room? We did!

4. Are you self-motivated? Our live instructors are pretty versed in keeping their classroom students motivated. Online can be a bit trickier because, well, you don’t have someone reminding you to memorize your flaws* every week (*clarification: we’re talking about logical flaws, not, like, character flaws or anything. As we are sure your grandmother can tell us, you don’t have any character flaws). If you’re the type of person that can keep yourself accountable, online sounds great!

We know, we probably had you at “LSAT prep while wearing pajamas.” However, if you managed to make it through this post and think online prep may be for you, we highly recommend trying it out. If you have any further questions, one of our Academic Managers would be more than happy to guide you to your perfect LSAT prep. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered no matter what you’re prep style is!