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How to Stuff Some LSAT Prep into Your Thanksgiving Break

If you haven’t yet freaked out that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, here’s something that might turn your hair white: The December LSAT is in 10 days. Fear not. Turkey with family and friends need not impede your studying for the LSAT. Here’s your plan:

Tomorrow, sneak some LSAT studying in in the morning. Force yourself to wake up at a respectable hour and hit the books. Try to shirk as many preparatory duties for the feast as you can, but even if you have to bake the turkey you can sneak in some LSAT reading comp passages while everything’s in the oven.

Then, enjoy Thanksgiving with your family, friends or well-chosen strangers. You get the rest of the day off to eat, watch football, reprise long-dormant family disputes, or do whatever else you like to do on Thanksgiving. Do your best to forget about the LSAT and have fun; your only task for the night is to make sure you won’t have to spend Friday morning fighting off a miserable hangover.

Forget Black Friday. You have more important things to do. You have to study for the LSAT. If you must do some shopping, let it be online. Let’s face it: your LSAT score affects where you go to law school and how much scholarship money you get. Any paltry savings on Black Friday deals pale in comparison. Plus, there’s no guarantee that those items advertised at incredible prices will still be on the shelves when you get there (especially with some Black Friday deals starting on Thanksgiving).

If you’re staying with family, and they insist on braving the crowds and going shopping on Friday, that’s your opportunity. Use the time alone to take an LSAT practice test. Review it, too.

The rest of your weekend should be similar: lots of LSAT studying. Make a little time to do fun things with the people important to you, on the condition that the time be bracketed with a lot of time on the LSAT. It’ll all be over in not much more than a week; you can catch up on socializing and holiday shopping then.