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How to Hack the ProctorU Site and Choose Your LSAT-Flex Test Time

Disclaimer: No, this isn’t a how-to article on actually hacking a website. That would be illegal. 

There are two important dates to remember when taking the LSAT-Flex: the LSAT registration deadline and the day you are allowed to choose the time slot to take the LSAT-Flex. The LSAT registration deadline is usually about two months before the actual exam date. It’s far enough in advance for you to commit to taking an upcoming test and start prepping for the LSAT. The other date — your chance to pick an LSAT-Flex test time slot — falls a few weeks before the first day of the LSAT-Flex. October LSAT-Flex sign-ups begin September 22 at noon Eastern. 

If your schedule is limited and you know there is only one day and time you can take the LSAT-Flex, you’ll want to be diligently on your computer at 11:59 AM EDT ready to log into ProctorU. LSAC will send you an email with a link to register as soon as it’s open, but why wait? Various Reddit users have discovered a cool little life hack that allows you to access the scheduling page earlier. 

On the day LSAT-Flex scheduling opens, go onto the ProctorU site and reset your password. [Note: If you haven’t already created your ProctorU account, log into your LSAC account and click the ProctorU link in there.] Once you’ve reset your password, you should be able to log in and choose your LSAT-Flex test time, bypassing others and getting first dibs. We don’t guarantee this will work, but this loophole has been available for every LSAT-Flex scheduling day since the very first one.

If you can’t log into ProctorU, whether early or at the time LSAC designated, or you’re seeing 404/405 errors, keep trying. Refresh your page as often as you need to and/or try different browsers. Flex scheduling days are usually hectic and it’s likely you will experience some tech hiccups but don’t close your browser. Also, don’t let the horror of scheduling day make you anxious for your real LSAT-Flex test day—while no LSAT test day is ever perfect, LSAC has done a pretty good job at making the LSAT-Flex a nearly painless experience

If you’ve been through a sneaker release or tried to score a super exclusive ticket for something, you’re probably well aware of the routine. Perhaps one day someone will create a bot to make scheduling an LSAT-Flex easier. Until then, we hope this shortcut works for you and makes choosing an LSAT time a little less stressful. And hopefully you can pull a Cady Heron if asked when your October LSAT-Flex is:

October LSAT-Flex October 3rd
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