Happy St. LSATrick’s Day

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    In 1995 the Republic of Ireland began a campaign to use St. Patrick’s Day to showcase Ireland and its rich culture. The government thus established an event called the St. Patrick’s Festival, with the stated aim:

    “To project, internationally, an accurate image of Ireland as a creative, professional, sophisticated country with wide appeal.”

    And boy have they succeeded. Today nary a soul in the western world is unaware of the Irish’s St. Patty’s Day shenanigans. With phosisticated displays of professional Guiness-guzzling, and creatively verdant colorizations of things never intended to be anything close to a shade of green, the projected image of Ireland is, I think we can all agree, widely appealing and superlatively accurate.

    But speaking of accuracy, St. Patrick’s Day’s striking parallels with the LSAT are worthy of note.

    As on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s something of a test-day inevitability that, because you’re wearing your bright blue “Wanna Score” Blueprint T-shirt, you’ll be repeatedly pinched by your peers (although in this case, of course, it’ll be in an attempt to copy off your test).

    You may also find that, much like the pagan Irishmen from the days of Saint Patrick himself, taking the LSAT will make you pray to God for the first time in your life.

    And, of course, you’re sure to get very, very plastered as soon as the day’s work is done.

    With those similarities in mind, we here at Blueprint wish you all the luck o’ the Irish.

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