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Happy Fourth of July!

For those of you who have started studying for the October LSAT, take the day off! For those of you who haven’t begun, enjoy the sweet, final days before you become engulfed in a hazy cloud of logical implications requiring you to order clowns getting out of cars.

In the meantime, five ways that the 4th of July is like studying for the LSAT:

1. Both are centered around very long documents. The Declaration of Independence and reading comp passages about dinosaurs and Thurgood Marshall.

2. Both mark a momentous occasion. Sure, one is the anniversary of the country and the other is your foray into lawyer-hood, but both are singular moments in US history.

3. Both indicate a triumph over the English. You’re not going to be called a “barrister” are you?

4. Both are a good excuse to consume potato salad and beer.

5. The conclusion of both events are best celebrated by fireworks.

There you have it, LSAT takers. Toss the books aside for a day and have a great Independence Day from everyone here at MSS!