Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by the LSAT

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    Goblins, ghouls, vampires, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, earth-toned adornments . . . LSAT? Damn skippy.

    It’s okay, I understand your consternation. I hope you understand my love of polysyllabic nouns (and adjectives for that matter). It’s true, though; you needn’t look any further than the LSAT to find inspiration for your Halloween costume this year. Clearly, greater explanation is required. Without further ado, a list of some the best LSAT-inspired costumes that yours truly could come up with:

    1. The Study Zombie

    Yes, the undead are currently all the rage. You needn’t look any further than AMC for evidence of their popularity (and by the way, I LOVE The Walking Dead). However, as many LSAT students will no doubt attest, those zombies aren’t actually the result of some Mad Cow Disease mutation or Hell being a bit too full. No sir. Zombies are the spawn of many a marathon Reading Comp study session. They are the late night byproduct of the best LSAT studying intentions gone awry. You want one of the best LSAT-inspired costumes? Get some pale make-up (although you may already have the dark sunken eyes), some fake blood and gore and paste on a phony wound or two. You can even carry a lesson book if you like.

    2. The Motivation Vampire

    I wish I could say I enjoy vampire-related programming as much as zombie shows. Sadly, the likes of Twilight and the The Vampire Diaries (neither of which I’ve actually seen) have “sucked” the enthusiasm right out of me (couldn’t resist) with their commercial-friendly combination of vapid pretty-faces and gore-free scripts. Le sigh. That aside, there are no doubt times when even the best LSAT students feel as though their will to carry on has been snatched violently away by some supernatural beast: The Motivation Vampire. Taunting you in the night with hilarious Slutmobile remembrances and fake motivational posters that make Monty Python references, he’ll make you forget all about those underprotected cultures in your reading comp passages. Hell, you could probably just dress up as an iPhone for this one.

    3. The Unfinished Section

    Even the best LSAT students worry about timing. People have trouble convincing themselves that taking a little extra time on a reading comp passage or game setup will bear fruit once answering questions. They are haunted by the specter of the unfinished section. It visits them in their sleep, taunting them with thoughts of 120s. You want to scare an LSAT student? Glue a half-empty Scantron sheet to your face. Best LSAT Halloween costume ever.

    Lastly, ride your bike!

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