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Grey Day for the March LSAT


Grey Day is coming. And no, that’s not a Game of Thrones reference. It’s the score release day, set for this Friday for the March 2019 LSAT. If you’re new to the LSAT score release process, there are a few things you should know about how scores get released.

But first, as an LSAT veteran who feels older with each new score release, I also think there are some things you should know about how much the score release process has changed. Back in my day, we had to wait six years to get our results, which were delivered by carrier pigeon, and if something happened to your pigeon along the way, you never found out your score … at least that’s how I remember it.

However, if you’re waiting on your March 2019 LSAT score or you want to know what to expect for a future LSAT, read on to find out what changes the LSAC has really made and what it means for your score release.

First, the truth about one of the biggest changes to the LSAC’s score release policy in recent years is that LSAC has finally committed to providing a score release date and then actually releasing the scores on that date. This may seem unimportant, but before the June 2018 exam, the LSAC would put out a “score release date,” and almost every single time, they would suddenly release the scores days or weeks early. In short, being able to count on the LSAT scores getting released on the announced date can hopefully reduce the stress you feel waiting for a score compared to what students used to face when the release date was unpredictable.

But there still is a little unpredictability. On the score release day, you still won’t know how long you’ll have to wait to actually your score. LSAT takers all receive their scores on the same date, but the scores get released over the course of several hours, with no apparent rhyme or reason to the order the scores get released. Maybe in the future the LSAC will consider providing an even more specific score release time to students, perhaps letting them know that the release time will be based on your testing location, or if they wanted to be particularly cruel, basing it on the relative scores of each student. But at this time, there’s just no need to worry about discerning meaning from the amount of time you have to wait for your score release.

Finally, some LSATs are “nondisclosed,” including the March 2019 exam, so those receiving a score for that exam will receive just that: their scaled score, their score band, and their percentile score. On the disclosed exams, you’d get a little more info with your score release, including a copy of the exam and your answer sheet.

With this information in mind, hopefully your Grey Day will be as painless as possible. And if you’re one of those students awaiting the March score release on Friday, on behalf of Blueprint, I wish you the very best!