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Logical Reasonings

A. For those studying for the July or later LSAT — LSAC announced that it’ll be uploading two more practice exams to its website, to give people extra practice with the digital format. @LSAC_Official

B. Western State School of Law was the latest law school casualty, which means that those who transferred to Western State could be unable to earn a J.D. (you usually have to go to a law school for at least two years to earn one). Fortunately, Whittier Law is providing some assistance to those students. Above the Law

C. launched a series last week on why bar exam results have been so low, but it may have to launch a whole new series to account for this: February MBE scores increased for the first time in five years. National Conference of Bar Examiner

D. A recent study argues that the use of the LSAT is limiting diversity in law schools. Inside Higher Ed

E. Apprenticeships are in the news, after a Vogue feature on Kim Kardashian revealed that’s how she’s planning to become an attorney. The ABA Journal asks about the relative merits of that path. ABA Journal