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You’ve made it through a thousand snaps today — a friend’s selfie with a pink mustache, a plate of questionable looking food with “Yummers!” scrawled across it, your significant other’s, um, beautiful, er, appearance — but what did you get out of it? Sure, you filled a certain amount of hours without doing something icky like being productive. But, you need to, y’know, be productive.

Well, because we have mastered tech here at Blueprint — just check out this app we made, nbd — we’re going to hook you up. Now, Snapchat is both entertaining and informative. Follow BlueprintLSAT on Snapchat, and we’ll be slinging LSAT tips and tricks, admissions info, reminders, contests and other promotions, and even short videos — all of it fun and exciting like every other thing we do.

Just go ahead and use your phone — you know, that thing that the skin on your hand has grown over because you never put it down — and scan this Snapcode to add us:


Got ideas for snaps or stories you’d like to see from your friends at Blueprint LSAT? Drop them below in the comments!