February LSAT Scores Are Out!

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    If you took the February LSAT, you probably already know that scores were released surprisingly late last night. While it’s not unprecendented for LSAC to start sending out e-mails late in the evening, that’s probably not much solace to the thousands of LSAT sitters who were pulling their hair out all day.

    If you were one of the the folks waiting on LSAC’s bureaucratic machinery, we hope you at least got the score you were shooting for, and congratulations are in order.

    If you fell short, of course, the frustrating part about the February LSAT is that you’ll never know what you got wrong. Questions, answers, and even the curve will all remain undisclosed — lost to history like the secrets of Stonehenge or who shot Mr. Burns. You might still have an idea of where you went off the rails (in fact, hopefully you do, otherwise you really didn’t study enough) but you won’t be able to go back over the questions with a fine tooth comb.

    The only upside to bombing the February LSAT is that you have plenty of time to retake. You’ve got over three months until the June exam, and an additional four until October, and either administration will give you plenty of time to apply for law school in the 2015-2016 cycle. The key now is to formulate a study plan, and get back down to business (check out our Spring and Summer classroom courses and ongoing online course for help).

    At any rate, simply sitting for the LSAT is an accomplishment in itself. Be proud of yourself no matter how you did.

    Let us know how you scored in the comments!

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