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Nemo-Affected February LSAT Test-Takers Await Their Fates

When asked to write a post about the February LSAT reschedules due to Winter Storm Nemo, I realized I could go one of two ways: Either shove as many Finding Nemo jokes into these paragraphs as possible, or spare you the puns. But there are too many people out there who are freaking out over the extra time they now have to fill before taking their LSAT, so I won’t be clowning around.

Nemo itself came and went. Here in New York City, we got about a foot or so. It was miserable outside, but quite warm in my apartment. With my peppermint schnapps-filled hot chocolate. My 12-pound dog hated it, but even he survived the arctic winds.

The storm did, however, close down a number of February LSAT testing centers. Students have been checking their mail compulsively since then to get any updates from LSAC as to their options for making up the February LSAT. And, since then, they’re received nothing. So what are we going to do? Engage in some wild speculation!

For those of you who have yet to take your February LSAT, I wouldn’t expect to see it this weekend. That’s pretty short notice since they haven’t sent anything out yet. Expect to hear something from LSAC this week, and then retake the exam in a couple weeks.

Will it be harder? Easier? Will the LSAT curve be more lenient, or much worse? To all these questions, I say that I don’t know, and you shouldn’t care. The February LSAT will be what it will be. LSAC has backup tests reserved for just such occasions. Go into it like you would any other LSAT.

What should you do until February LSAT Vol. II rolls around?

That’s a bit harder.

If you still have a lot of un-taken LSAT practice tests, work on those. They’re the best practice.

If you ran out of material because you planned it out perfectly (and are an over-achiever who took every LSAT practice test available), go over old LSAT practice tests. Work on figuring out ways to get to the correct answers more quickly. Sometimes, not worrying about the logic of each question and getting through them faster will help you see the patterns underlying the logic of the LSAT.

Either way, relax, watch some TV, and wait to hear from the LSAC. As always, they hold your fate in their hands.