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Don’t Forget the Ziplock! What to Bring to the February LSAT

Gameday: What to bring – and leave behind – the day of your LSAT:

We know this seems like the end of a long journey. You have covered everything from Must Be True stimuli to tiered ordering games, and while you are undoubtedly nervous about the LSAT this Saturday, try to focus on all that you have learned over these last two months. There aren’t any more concepts or strategies to cover, and you should be in a (somewhat) comfortable review mode. It is therefore time to iron out some gameday logistics, and to make sure that you know exactly what to bring, and what to leave behind, on the day of the February LSAT.

What to bring

1.  One clear plastic ziplock bag, maximum size one gallon.

Unfortunately, stores do not sell one gallon ziplock bags a la carte. Go crazy and buy a package of them. Oh yeah, one gallon = 3.79 liters, so relax Canada. All of the following items will go into this bag (in case any of you were thinking of taping objects to the outside).

2. Your admissions ticket stub.

This is an important one. You’ll want to print this out on Friday afternoon, and to make sure that your testing center hasn’t changed (99.9% chance that it hasn’t). Give it a quick look and make sure that your information is correct and that there aren’t any misspellings in your name.

3. Your I.D.

The LSAC, like any bar in the United States, will accept either your passport or a valid state driver’s license. DON’T be the guy/girl who shows up with a photocopy, or with your Bayside High School Class of 2006 I.D. card. It’s passport or driver’s license. If can’t decide between the two, go with your passport — it makes you seem more worldly.

4. Pencils (NOT mechanical).

Go to CVS and buy a pack of wooden #2 pencils that have erasers. Sharpen them, then put them in your ziplock bag. Don’t make this complicated. If you want you may also bring a highlighter, but not any pens.

5. Keys / Wallet.

You obviously need your keys, and you are technically allowed to bring your wallet, but make things easy on yourself and leave your wallet in your car. There aren’t going to be hot dog and soda vendors walking up the aisle, and there certainly won’t be any opportunities to use your debit card. Keys in, wallet out.

6. Snack / drink.

You can bring a 20-ounce bottled drink and a snack for the break. For the drink, I recommend an energy vitamin water. It’s got a little bit of caffeine, and some vitamins. In other words it’s gimmicky sugar water, but it works. For your snack, pick something simple like a protein bar or a small bag of trail mix. Don’t bring your mom’s lasagna leftovers.

7. Analog wrist watch:

Again, keep it simple. You have a few days to find an analog wrist watch to borrow to help with your timing. Take it from me when I say that you may very well be in a room where there is no visible clock, so make sure you have a reliable watch. NO TIMERS OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE ALLOWED.

Put all of these items in your bag on Friday night, and you will be all set.

What not to bring

Seriously, guys and girls.  This is not the time to test the gumption of the LSAC.  Here are things that you should leave in your car, leave at home, or simply bury in your backyard.  (I’m looking at you, calculator watch guy).

1.  Your cellphone

I know. It’s weird. We are all used to having our Blackberry or iPhone in our pockets. Without them, most of us wouldn’t even be able to give a ballpark estimate of the time of day, let alone sift through Ron Artest’s twitter feed. Some student’s are so attached to their phones that they will turn it off and remove the battery, JUST so they can feel it in their pockets while they take the test. You’ll still get thrown out of the test center. Don’t be crazy. Leave your cell phone in your car.

2.  Hooded Sweatshirts / Hats

Now is not the time to worry about your appearance, so leave the hats at home. You won’t lose any points for bedhead. Also, no sweatshirts with hoods of any kind. If you’re anywhere besides southern California, it’s going to be cold. Maybe pick up a nice cardigan from Banana Republic, I don’t know. If you are in Southern California, it’s supposed to be 76 degrees and sunny this Saturday, so put that hoodie away you Emo hipster.

3.  Any papers of any kind

Your admission ticket is the only paper you are allowed to bring into the test center. Can’t imagine why the LSAC doesn’t want you bringing a bunch of study materials into a standardized test, but rules are rules.

4.  iPods / Sony Walkmen

There is no doubt that you should be blasting some “pump-up” music on your drive to the test center. It would also be nice to listen to something rousing and anthemic while you wait in your testing seat, but you’ll be tossed if you try.

5.  Calculators: There’s no math on the LSAT.

6.  Rulers / Compasses: you also can’t bring that new sundial you got last Christmas.

7.  Briefcases: you’re not a lawyer yet, sparky.

8. Photographic devices: “Jane Doe has tagged 3 photos of you in the Facebook album titled Feb LSAT 2011: Section 3 memories!!!”.

9.  Weapons or firearms: Safely store your nunchucks under your car seat before entering the test center you maniac.

So that’s the list!  We wish all of you the best of luck on Saturday, and we know that if you stay calm and remind yourself that you will be among the most prepared students at your test center, you should be golden for the February LSAT.