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December 2009 LSAT Scores Are Out


Scores have arrived.

Thousands of anxious LSAT students awoke this morning with a frightening email in their Inbox. Subject: Your December 2009 LSAT Score. After a brief panic attack and some inspirational videos, many students have not yet summoned the courage to actually open said email.

But once you have, you can join the big topic of conversation… the curve.

The curve for the December LSAT is the most lenient in recent LSAT history. I had predicted that the curve would be forgiving, but this curve is easier than a sorority girl/boy on Halloween. Take a look:

Dec 09 chart

Normally a student can miss 10 questions to get a 170. In December, missing 14 questions earned you that honor. Typically you can miss about 24 questions to get a 160, but the test allowed you to bubble incorrectly on 28 questions in December and still receive a 160.

It is important to understand that this is a curve. These numbers do not mean that a higher percentage of test takers got those lovely scores this time around. The numbers simply mean that you had a little more wiggle room to get those top scores. There are various theories about why the curve has lightened up this year, but I am sticking to my original theory.

The initial report is that the Logical Reasoning was abnormally difficult and this also could have had a significant effect on the curve.

We hope that everyone is getting great news in that Inbox and would love to hear your thoughts about the curve and your LSAT score.