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Combating Digital LSAT Anxiety


I can see it now: You’re eyeing the date in the corner of your laptop screen, counting down the days until the July LSAT. You’ve nailed conditional statements. You know your Reading Comp secondary structures like the back of your hand. You’ve done your part to prepare, but there’s still one factor that’s out of your hands: paper or plastic digital.

For the first time, about half of all test-takers will be facing the LSAT in its new, digital format. While you won’t know yet whether or not you’ll be in the final class of paper-and-pencil veterans or the inaugural group of brave, new technological pioneers, you’ll want to be prepared for whatever’s coming your way.

No need to panic! We’ve got your back. Here’s a couple things you can do to make sure you feel ready for our future robot overlords.

1. Use LSAC to your advantage!

LSAC knows it’s asking people to make a change, so they’ve made some tools to help with the transition. You know what LSAT questions read like, but it’s worth taking the time to get comfortable with what digital LSAT questions look like. At LSAC’s digital familiarization page you can answer actual LSAT questions in their hip, 20mumbleth-century new look.

Take some time and play around with what the format will let you do in different sections of the exam. Figure out if you’re an underline or a highlight kind of person. (And if you are a highlighter, make your color choices now. Personally, I’m an orange fan, but I respect your right to make an incorrect color decision.) Decide how bright you prefer your settings. Learn the quirks of the eraser function. Get used to seeing a clock ticking in the upper corner of your screen. If you happen to have a tablet to practice on, that’s all the better! The more small details you figure out ahead of time, the less you have to think about anything other than the test itself on the Big Day.

2. Use Blueprint to your advantage

You’ve already found your way here; might as well click around, right? As Stefon might say: It’s got everything. FAQs. Reading comp how-tos. Myth-busting. We even have a couple of reviews of the digital experience from one of our crack LSAT experts.

Forewarned is forearmed. Let our clean, modern interface full of unparalleled insight and wit soothe your digital worries. Because…

3. Rest on your laurels

The digital LSAT isn’t all that different from the traditional exam you’ve come to know and, if not love, at least regard with a familiar, fond anxiety. The difference between the digital and analog LSATs is entirely cosmetic — it’s skin deep. The test, in its bones, is the same as it ever was, and that’s excellent news.

You know this test. You’ve put in the hours, you know what to expect. Most importantly, you know how to answer these questions. There’s no strategy that you’ve practiced in pencil that can’t be applied to either format of the exam. So, take a deep breath. Put on your best pump up playlist. Sharpen your pencils and get used to twirling styluses. Exam day is coming. Luckily, you’re prepared.