Classes for the July LSAT Are Starting Very Soon!

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    Today is the last day to sign up for the June LSAT, but we’re not here to talk about the June LSAT. The June LSAT is old hat. Yesterday’s news. We’re here to talk about the brand new July LSAT. The test for those intrepid adventurers out there. The thrill seeker’s exam. That new wave to ride.

    There are many reasons to take the new July exam. For one, there’s the natural advantage to being the first person to do something. Have you heard of Buzz Aldrin, the second dude to walk on the moon? Or Amelia Earhart, the second person to fly across the Atlantic solo? What about the Second World War? Of course you haven’t heard of any of these nobodies and nothingburgers. To get any traction at all, you have to be first. Which is why you want to be among the first people to take the July LSAT. Post a photo of you at the July LSAT — make sure it’s before the exam, though, the LSAT has a pretty staunch anti-phone policy — and you’ll be inundated with likes and followers, we assume.

    Another reason? Taking the July exam will allow you to apply super early in the forthcoming application cycle. And that seems like it’s going to be pretty important for the 2018-19 application cycle. Last cycle saw a ton of people with really great LSAT scores apply super early in the application cycle. Since law school admissions are rolling, applying after that influx of good applications would put you at a competitive disadvantage. So if this trend continues in the next cycle, getting your applications in before all those people apply could give you a better chance of getting accepted.

    But first you have to get a great LSAT score. How are you going to get that? Well, if you live in or near Washington, D.C.; New York, or Orange County, we have classroom courses starting just in time for the July exam. These courses will cover literally everything you need to know to ace the LSAT, and will provide you with an online account that gives you access to every published LSAT question, explanations for each of those questions, and 19 full practice exams. You’ll be taught by an instructor who has scored about a 170 on a real LSAT, has received over 188 hours of LSAT training, and is a delightful human being, full of LSAT knowledge and teaching experience. I could go on, but I’ll just let the results do the talking: students who have taken our classroom course average an 11-point increase from their first practice exam.

    So check out links to the upcoming classes below. They all start within the next two weeks, so make sure to act soon!

    If you’re not in these locations to take a classroom course, take a look at our online course. The online course will go through the same curriculum as our classroom course. However, instead of attending a schedule of classes taught by our instructors, you’ll progress through the online course at your own pace, through animated videos hosted by Blueprint founders Matt and Trent. You can sign up for the online course and begin your journey at any time, from anywhere. You can even supplement the online experience with a little face time (either in person or through … FaceTime) with one of our tutors. And, lucky you, our Spring Tutoring Sale is going on right now, at this very moment. You will get 20% off any tutoring purchase with the promo code TUTORME20, until Friday, May 4, at 6 pm PDT.


    New York:

    Upper East Side 2: Starts Sunday, 5/20 with instructor Dash Kwiatkowski

    Orange County:

    Irvine: Starts Saturday, 5/5 with instructor Ross Rinehart

    District of Columbia:

    Washington, D.C.: Starts Saturday, 5/5 with instructor Shir Davidovicz

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