Chill Out: The Day Before The LSAT

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    The LSAT is tomorrow.

    You’ve been through a lot already. You’ve gazed into the abyss, and saw fractal geometry and a mauve dinosaur gazing back at you from the darkness.

    You’ve come to fear and worship your LSAT instructor. You may have sent them some poetry, and a panicked 4 AM email or three. Okay, that stuff was kinda weird, but we get it. You weren’t yourself. LSAT prep is rough.

    But now is the time for recovery. You need to be at your best tomorrow; so you’re not gonna study anymore. You will rest.

    Like a word class athlete, you’ve spent the last several months preparing your body, your mind, and your clear plastic Ziploc bag. Today you deserve a training montage, a little extra sleep, and to catch up on your shows.

    Tomorrow will feel like just another practice LSAT. You’ve certainly taken quite a few of those already.

    If it’s really hard to put the prep tests down, find that medium-to-hard logic game that you crushed, and maybe a Logical Reasoning question or two, and set them aside for tomorrow. You can use these to warm up and give yourself a confidence boost right before you go into your LSAT test center. And having a plan for tomorrow morning will help you chill out a bit today.

    Try not to do anything unusual. You need to have a nice, normal day to let your brain marinate. Keep your emotional eating in check. Do you really need $30 worth of froyo? Nah. Fine, get double everything at your favorite burrito place, but for God’s sake take it easy on the hot sauce. And by all means work out, but don’t do that half marathon today – that compulsion is just those pre-LSAT jitters talking.

    If you give yourself a mental and physical break today, I promise you’ll do much better than if you hit the books. It’s not unusual for students to see jumps in their scores after a bit of rest.

    Good luck tomorrow, and don’t forget to check back here after the LSAT for our instant recap.

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