2013 October LSAT Score Cancellation Deadline is Tomorrow

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    Let’s cut directly to the chase. If you want to cancel your 2013 October LSAT score, then LSAC needs to receive notice by tomorrow. Did that make a certain part of your body pucker? Don’t worry, that’s appropriate.

    Before we discuss whether or not you ought to cancel your October LSAT score, let’s tell you how to do so.

    There are three means by which to contact the LSAT overlords: 1) send a signed fax, 2) overnight a letter or 3) send LSAC’s printable LSAT score cancellation form by expedited mail. Make sure you actually request an LSAT score cancellation, include your name and LSAC account number and a signature. After that, you need only bite your nails in agony whilst you await confirmation from on high that your request was received.

    Now that you know what to do, let’s ask whether or not you should do it. The first item to note when considering an LSAT score cancellation is the expense. If you decide to cancel your October LSAT score, you receive no refund. Should you wish to retake the test, you will have to pay full price (hooray LSAC!).

    Not only does LSAC get to reach back into your wallet, they are also kind enough to put a notation of cancellation on your LSAT score report. That means that the law schools to which you apply will see that you cancelled your LSAT score. If you get an outstanding LSAT score the second time around the notation shouldn’t matter. But if you only fair okay, then an LSAT score cancellation won’t put any lipstick on that pig.

    With all that info, you still need a way to figure whether or not you should cancel your October LSAT score at all. Your first step should be reading our 2013 October LSAT Instant Recap and our 2013 October LSAT Morning Cometh. Be sure to browse the comments. If you see anything you disagree with, then you might want to consider cancelling your LSAT score. Also, if you experienced anything out of the ordinary during the exam then you might want to cancel. Loads of noise? Didn’t finish sections you expected to? Morning coffee didn’t agree with you? These are all possible reasons to cancel your October LSAT score — but only if these factors contributed negatively to your performance. If they did, then by all means cancel. If not, then you’re probably better off standing pat.

    Whatever you do, don’t overthink it. Go do something to take your mind off of October LSAT shenanigans.

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