Caption Contest Winners: The Law School Admission Game

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    We received some great submissions in last week’s caption contest for the photo above. You might say LSAT blog commenters really took the bull by the horns.


    Anyway, after much consideration, we whittled it down to our five favorite captions. So congratulations to the five people below, each of whom has won a free copy of Law School Expert Ann Levine’s newly released second edition of The Law School Admission Game.

    Here they are, in alphabetical order:






    If you’re one of these winners, congratulations! We’ll be contacting you immediately to arrange for your free book to be shipped.

    If you’re not one of these winners, thanks for playing. Of course, you can still get a copy of The Law School Admission Game the old-fashioned way.

    Best of luck to everyone applying to law school this fall. Remember: you can get every admission director’s attention by shouting, “Toro! Toro!”

    [more crickets]

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