Blueprint LSAT Prep 2012 Spring Expansion IV: Dallas

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    Prior to this year, Dallas LSAT prep students were limited to Blueprint’s online LSAT prep course. Maybe a few of you watched the videos on the big screen inside Cowboys Stadium (and if so, sorry about the HD).

    But there’s good news, Dallas LSAT prep buckaroos: Blueprint is now offering its live course in the Big D. That’s because Dallas is one of six new cities where we’re expanding this spring, along with Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Miami and Seattle.

    And just like every one of our spring courses, we’ve revamped our curriculum for the Dallas LSAT prep class. Along with a brand new set of books, our Dallas LSAT prep course now features 112 hours of instruction, six proctored LSAT practice exams, three end-of-the-course workshops for extra review, and three clinics devoted to covering advanced concepts of each section of the LSAT. You’ll also wrangle in a full set of course books.

    Check out our instructors page to find out more about Chad Barton, who will be teaching the Dallas LSAT prep course. (He was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?!) Starting April 10, the Dallas LSAT prep class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and a couple of weekends. The Dallas LSAT prep class will be in the Market Center, Meeting Room A at the Dallas Courtyard Marriot.

    Oh, one more thing: The spring 2012 Dallas LSAT prep course is only $799 as part of Blueprint’s one-of-a-kind 5&5 Deal. There’s more info on our Dallas LSAT prep page, but here’s the meat and potatoes: We’re offering $500 off the live LSAT course and guaranteeing a 5-point practice exam score increase from your first to your best (or you can retake the Dallas LSAT prep course for free).

    Yee haw, right? Enroll in Blueprint’s Dallas LSAT prep course today.

    You have 8 seconds.

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