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Ask a Law Grad: Would You Go to Law School Again?

If you frequent law blogs (and who doesn’t?), you may have come across this article. Without going into too much detail, the gist of the survey covered in the article is that the vast majority of people (roughly 80 percent) who attended law school would do so again. As I am a law school graduate who has passed the bar exam and has chosen not to practice, you may have asked yourself, “Would Alex do it all again?”

Believe me, it’s not a question I’ve been able to escape. There is no shortage of friends, relatives or associates who ask me what the hell I’m doing with my legal education. Despite the constant pestering, I do not regret obtaining a law degree in the least.

Just because I discovered during law school that my true passions lay elsewhere does not mean that law school was a waste of time. Quite the contrary, in fact. Law school challenged me to think analytically in ways that I never had before. It gave me several new lenses through which to view the world around me, adding texture to my perception of human interaction.

I am a smarter, more knowledgeable person due to law school. I am a better, more concise writer due to law school. I don’t fear the legal process because I went to law school. I feel more confident about pursuing future goals because I went to law school. My qualifications and degree can only help me going forward.

So, would I do it all again? Absolutely.