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Another Young Entrepreneur Inspired by the LSAT

For those of you who keep up on New York City’s entrepreneurial scene, you’ve probably heard of Sharma Kapur and her startup FoodToEat. The idea came to the 25-year-old Kapur when she got tired of standing in lines at food trucks. Why the frustration? Well, she was upset that she could have been using that time to study for the LSAT. Even though she did take the LSAT, she ended up giving up on law school to instead started a new online food delivery and pickup service. It’s basically like Seamless or GrubHub but with lower fees for the restaurants. Sounds pretty good. Will she be the next Sara Blakely, the law school hopeful who veered off to become a billionaire businesswoman? Only time will tell.

She only has 1,500 registered users as of now, but maybe she could get more if she went back to her roots – LSAT studiers. There’s no one who needs delivery more than someone staying up all night trying to master conditional logic. You don’t have time to go wait in a line for half an hour when you’re busy struggling through your twelfth logic game of the night. Maybe FoodToEat could offer special discounts if you present an LSAT prep test upon delivery? A free egg roll for every LSAT reading comp passage about the history of science that you complete? Orders placed past midnight come with a complementary extra-large coffee?

With the right moves, Kapur could be the next jet-setting self-made billionaire – LSAT studiers could be the next untapped market.

And if not, hey, there’s always law school…