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A New Day in LSAT: A New Test Calls for a New Online LSAT Course & Updated LSAT Prep


2019 is a year of change in the world of LSAT, not the least of which is the move to a tablet-based test and a take-home Writing Sample. Law school applications are also on the rise and the GRE is still trying to be “a thing.” Elsewhere, people are busier than ever and sacrificing quality for the sake of flexibility is becoming the norm.

At Blueprint, we’re at the forefront of the LSAT and the law school admissions process as a whole. Our online platform has been setting standards for online LSAT prep for years and our methodologies have been helping students average 11-point score increases. Still, we heard our students’ need for more modern, affordable, and flexible LSAT prep. The LSAT is changing, so we are too. Introducing: The new Blueprint Self-Paced Course.

But wait, don’t you already have an online course?

Yup. We had a great online course, but we made it even better because we designed it specifically for YOU in mind. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

• All New Interactive HD Videos
We overhauled our videos to make them more interactive, complete with in-video assessments to keep you focused and engaged. Our instructors don’t just talk at you; they guide you step-by-step through the concepts.

• Up-to-Date Modern Material
You won’t be trying to solve an LSAT question from 1992. The lesson content now includes more recent questions and content, making it relevant to how the LSAT is now, not how it used to.

• Free Daily Office Hours
Get free extra help from our LSAT course instructors while collaborating with fellow students online during our live Office Hours available at varying time slots 6 days per week.

• New 99th Percentile Instructors
Depending on where you live, these instructors might already be familiar faces to you. Kevin Lin, Brett Donaldson, and Laura Santoski are three of our veteran rockstar LSAT classroom course instructors who have scored in the 99th or higher percentiles.

• Updated Online Platform Layout and MyBlueprint Account
We gave our platform layout a modern facelift, simplifying many of the pages and tools to make navigation and execution easier. You’ll spend a lot of time on our platform, so we wanted to ensure you were comfortable working in it.

• A Personalized Experience with Complete Flexibility
The Self-Paced Course teaches the same curriculum as our Classroom Course with the flexibility today’s busy schedules need. Study for the LSAT anywhere you have Internet at any time. Our no-commitment monthly subscription allows you to start and stop your prep as needed, while our drag-and-drop scheduler, custom homework, and targeted practice sets allow you to create a fully personalized LSAT study plan. You decide when you’ve finished with your prep, not us.

However, since we know when we’ve got a good thing going, some aspects of the course didn’t change, including:

• Blueprint Methodology
One of the biggest reasons students continue to flock to Blueprint is our proven methodology and strategies to beat the LSAT at its own “game.”

• Engaging Videos and Animations
It’s too easy to create mundane, unoriginal, and borderline boring LSAT prep. Fortunately, Blueprint has mastered the art of making engaging LSAT prep videos that you’ll actually want to watch, complete with fun animations and real-life scenarios.

• Our Commitment to Cutting-Edge Technology and Education
Yes, our animations are cute and our videos are entertaining, but what really drives us is our desire to give you the best online LSAT prep possible using the latest tools and technology.

• Every Released LSAT Question + Explanations
Currently, that’s about 8500 questions available, and counting.

Let’s say the Self-Paced Course sounds great, but you know an online course simply isn’t for you. No two students are alike, and not everyone can benefit from just using online video lessons. Fortunately, our In-Person Classroom and Live Course have also undergone a revamp with new schedules, a more effective course structure, and a lower price. Plus, every Blueprint student will have access to the new Self-Paced Course without having to pay for it separately. We don’t believe in FOMO; we believe in our students. If you need help deciding if the Self-Paced Course is right for you, or if you want to explore the other courses or private tutoring options, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our Academic Managers. We think it’s gonna be an exciting year for LSAT and LSAT prep! Wait, does that make us nerds?