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A Million Ways to Die on the LSAT

Hey Dude! It’s a little wild and a little strange, getting your LSAT score in that range. If you’re too young for that classic 90’s Nickelodeon reference then maybe you’ve heard of Seth MacFarlane’s new movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Whatever your age, in the spirit of western comedy, how ‘bout you saddle up, partner, while I regale you with some of the million ways to die on the LSAT.

So prepare to be regaled…on a horse, if possible.

#1 Way to Die on the LSAT: Forgetting Your LSAT Admission Ticket
If you don’t have your ticket then you’re not getting in the LSAT test center.

#2 Way to Die on the LSAT: Showing Up Late to the LSAT Test Center
Know where to park your stead. Under no circumstances will supervisors admit anyone after testing begins. Make sure you have the correct address and give yourself plenty of time to ride.

#3 Way to Die on the LSAT: Not Having Proper Identification
Have the whole kit ‘n caboodle ready for LSAT test day. The caboodle must include valid government issued ID (or expired within 90 days of your test date) that contains a recent and recognizable photo. So break your parents “don’t talk to strangers” rule and ask one if that person on your driver’s license looks like you.

Also, your first and last name on your ID must match exactly the first and last name on your LSAT admission ticket, and the photo attached to your admission ticket cannot be the same as the photo on your ID. Yup.

#15 Way to Die on the LSAT: Not Having No. 2 Pencils
Leave your No. 3’s, mechanical pencils and quills at your homestead. LSAC suggests you bring three of four sharpened pencils with good erasers. Pencils or pencil sharpeners will not be supplied at the LSAT test center, dang!

#36 Way to Die on the LSAT: Possession of Electronic Devices
These include cell phones, electronic cigarettes, digital watches, cattle prods etc. This policy will be enforced from the time test takers arrive at the test center until they leave at the conclusion of the test—including the break. So no Tindering, ya hear?

#100 Way to Die on the LSAT: Creating a Disturbance
LSAT supervisors can be ornery, so it’s best you shut your big bazzoo. They have sole discretion in determining what constitutes disruptive behavior and are authorized to dismiss from the test center any LSAT test-taker who creates a disturbance. So don’t cause a fuss!

#782 Way to Die on the LSAT: Removing Test Material From LSAT Test Center
Be aware that scratch paper counts. Don’t be an outlaw test material remover or you could be in a heap of trouble.

#4,931 Way to Die on the LSAT: Leaving the Test Room or Break Area Without Permission
If you have a hankering to use the bathroom during the LSAT, ask permission then get your wiggle on.

#999,999 Way to Die on the LSAT: Bringing a Weapon or Firearm into the LSAT Test Center
Leave your six- shooter at home.

#1,000,000 Way to Die on the LSAT: Working on Anything During Unauthorized Times
Only a loco son-of-a-gun would read ahead, bubble/erase answers after time is called, or bubble/erase answers from a yonder section. If you’re busted, you’ll be asked to skedaddle.

If you made it through this list of ten then it’s safe to say you are now one thousandth of a percent less likely to fall victim to one of a Million Ways to Die on the LSAT.