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4 Helpful Diversions to Put You in LSAT Game Mode

LSAT games. Some love them, some hate them. Wherever you land, it couldn’t possibly hurt your prospects to get a bit friendlier with them. So cuddle up, because here are but a few welcome diversions to get you into LSAT games mode, just in time for the June LSAT.

Diversion #1 to Put You in LSAT Game Mode: Golf

Before you start with the lamentations about how boring golf is, at least read this paragraph. Then you can start with the lamentations. Golf, much like LSAT games, depends on proper strategy to do well. You have to decide what length and angle of shot you want into the green before you decide what you’re going to hit off the tee. In other words, you need to set yourself up for success. On an LSAT game, you need to figure out proper strategy and get a good set up before you start answering questions. See? No reason to lament.

Diversion #2 to Put You in LSAT Game Mode: Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

At the risk of spoiling the ending for those who haven’t delved into Ms. Rowling’s finest, Harry wins. But not without the help of Ms. Granger and her cunning logical ability; and not without Mr. Weasley and his deft hand on the chessboard. So, while you’re getting lost in a magical world of Britishisms, you’ll actually be soaking up some solid logic and strategy that will help put you in LSAT game mode. Sneaky, I know. This will also give you an excuse to (re)watch the movie. Nice.

Diversion #3 to Put You in LSAT Game Mode: Reorganize your apartment

Seriously. Not only do you probably need to do it, but a massive reorg will almost certainly encourage you to think strategically without trying. Where can I fit things? If I have to throw out all 20 pairs of shoes that I no longer wear, I will then have space for all the clothing I no longer wear. If and only if I take out the trash, will my girlfriend spend the night. See? There’s logic everywhere. And you’ll have a clean apartment. He shoots, he scores!

Diversion #4 to Put You in LSAT Game Mode: Watch cooking shows

Confession: I generally abhor the Food Network. It doesn’t teach viewers anything about cooking anymore. Confession: I still effing love to watch Chopped. And you should too. Not only do you see some very talented chefs, but you get to see them working with weird ingredients, under time pressure. Sound like the LSAT? Thought so. You might get thrown a curveball on the games section and have to deal with it in the time allotted. Do I leave the tough game for the end and get through all the others? How much time does this leg of lamb need to cook? What does the set up look like for this game? Do I put the escabeche in a sauce or use it in a salad? Examples abound. And as an added bonus, you’ll get to watch someone besides you struggling right before your eyes. Admit it, it’s satisfying.

Until next time, may you cook up much LSAT games success.