2013 June LSAT Scores Coming Out Today

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    Happy Monday to all you June LSAT test-takers out there.

    Four days ahead of schedule, LSAC has released the 2013 June LSAT scores. The June LSAT curve is -11 for a 170 and -27 for a 160 (meaning that’s how many questions you could have missed to retain that LSAT score). Here’s a screenshot of the June LSAT score conversion chart:

    BPP2013 June LSAT score conversion chart

    The infamous grey icons appeared on LSAC’s website early this afternoon, and sure enough, shortly thereafter the first batch of June LSAT scores came out. Remember: If you don’t receive your June LSAT score right off the bat, don’t panic. LSAC releases LSAT scores in completely random batches throughout the day. It can take several hours for all the LSAT scores to come out. You will receive an email when your June LSAT score is ready.

    And when you do, make sure to come back right here and discuss your thoughts on the June LSAT in the comments. Tomorrow on the LSAT blog, Matt Shinners (whose June LSAT predictions were pretty damn accurate) will have a breakdown of the exam.

    Until then, now that you have your LSAT score, what did you think of the 2013 June LSAT?

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