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On the Lookout: 2013 June LSAT Scores Due Out This Week

What’s the most important thing happening in the good old U.S. of A. this week? No, it’s not Independence Day; it’s the release of June LSAT scores, which is slated to happen on Friday, July 5.

As if June LSAT score release day wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, there are a couple wild cards in play that will really make you feel like you need a stiff drink. For one thing, although LSAC will release LSAT scores no later than Friday (barring a natural disaster), LSAC has also been known to release LSAT scores as much as a few days early. In this case, it seems unlikely that LSAT scores will be released on the Fourth (not because LSAC cares about ruining your holiday, but because they will be too busy drinking beer and doing logic games with their friends), so if you don’t have your June LSAT score by Wednesday night you can relax until Friday.

When LSAC finally does start releasing June LSAT scores, they won’t release all of them at the same time. Instead, LSAT scores go out in random batches over the course of many hours – so even if you hear that June LSAT scores are being released, it may be some hours before you actually receive your score. You will receive the score by email, and it will also appear when you log in to your LSAC account (so for the truly anal, you can spend the next few days refreshing that page).

Obviously, I hope that you all get 180 June LSAT scores. However, even if your LSAT score is not quite what you hoped, stay calm. You can still register for the October LSAT, which will give you plenty of time to fix anything that went wrong in June, and taking the LSAT in October still allows you to submit your law school applications nice and early.

So sit back, relax and celebrate your freedom this week – both from taxation without representation (for our American readers), and from LSAT-related freakouts.