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Matt Shinners’s 2013 June LSAT Predictions

June LSAT predictions are tough. I’m trying to get as close as possible to the actual exam, but I’m a bit rusty. I don’t get to see the February LSAT, so this is the longest period without fresh data. Additionally, everyone taking this test is type-A and high strung; the smallest hint that it will be a hard test will send people running for the October exam.

So let’s start thinning the herd.

2013 June LSAT Prediction I: Logic Games

LSAT Logic Games in February were fairly straightforward, according to most reports. Don’t expect that to last.

After a section of relatively easy difficulty, expect this section to feature a hard game. I’m not talking a complete killer, but definitely something well above average. For the other June LSAST Logic Games, don’t expect a walk in the park; I think the average difficulty is going to be higher not only because of the hard game, but also because of an across-the-board increase in difficulty.

And, finally, a crazy prediction: Parking spaces.

2013 June LSAT Prediction II: Logical Reasoning

LR was, reportedly, a killer on the February LSAT. Dense language, strange logic, and prompts that made it difficult to know exactly what the test was looking for.

Expect the same on this exam, only less so.

Recently, the LSAC has been getting cute with the prompts and some of their regular patterns. They’re not introducing anything new (and I don’t expect them to). However, they’re asking about the normal logic in new ways, and they’re finding more devious ways to ask the same question. So you’ll see some hard questions, but if you relax and figure out what they’re actually asking, you should have an easier time of it.

Crazy prediction: A couple questions on business methods and trade secrets

2013 February LSAT Prediction III: Reading Comprehension

I’m going to start right out with this prediction – if there is a science passage, it will be an easy, straightforward one that’s more about an argument than it is about the actual science. So breathe easy.

Now, hold your breath. This section is going to be hard.

Last time, I had people describe the RC section as “a breeze.” That just doesn’t happen. So expect a return to form on this exam.

The topics will be things with which you’re generally familiar (Greek literature, social psychology, politics, possibly), but the arguments will be convoluted and subtle. Expect a lot of authorial attitude, but don’t expect it to be easy to figure out exactly which side of the debate she is on. And expect the questions to move ever further in the direction of LR questions, with the requisite tricks used in that section to get you to pick a wrong answer choice.

2013 June LSAT Prediction IV: The LSAT Curve

Expect the LSAT curve to be a little looser for this exam because of the slightly increased (predicted) difficulty. I’m thinking -12/-13 for a 170, -27 for a 160, and -41 for a 152.

2013 June LSAT Prediction V: Specific Predictions

June LSAT Logic Games:

• Parking spaces
• A “find-the-rule-replacement” question and a “this-rule-no-longer-applies” question
• Farmers planting in fields

June LSAT Logical Reasoning:

• Trade secrets
• Romance novels
• A few Crux questions

June LSAT Reading Comprehension:

• Well-known topics with crazy arguments
• Strong attitude that doesn’t perfectly align with any of the viewpoints
• Andrew Jackson