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Cram Fighter versus Osmosis

  • by Erica Forrette
  • May 30, 2018
  • Reviewed by: Amy Rontal

Here are three ways Cram Fighter compares with Osmosis.

As a medical student, you have a lot of choices to make as you prepare for the boards, including how to build an effective study schedule. If the boards are on your horizon, you’re probably beginning to weigh the differences between creating a study schedule by hand, using Osmosis, or using Cram Fighter. We’ve listened to med students and worked hard to create the best possible study scheduling app. Our goal is to give med students the power to create a schedule that works for them, while greatly reducing the mental effort med students spend planning on their own. So in this blog post, we’ll show you three ways we do study scheduling differently.

Cram Fighter Supports Hundreds of USMLE and COMLEX Resources

Like Osmosis, Cram Fighter supports studying with First Aid, Pathoma, UWorld, and SketchyMedical. But Cram Fighter also allows students to choose from hundreds of other resources, so you can study with the resources that work best for you. Sometimes your school may have purchased a resource for you that you would like to use. Chances are, we support it. For example, we support studying with Doctors in Training, Kaplan resources, Boards and Beyond, and Physeo.

Osmosis lets students create “custom goals,” in case you are using a resource that Osmosis excludes from its pre-selected list. But if you are using a resource that Osmosis is missing, you won’t be able to see a breakdown of your resource’s subjects. For this reason, students will have a better experience using Cram Fighter. We allow you to sort tasks from your resources by organ system, even the resources that Osmosis lacks. This way, you can group your tasks by subject so that a schedule with multiple resources flows smoothly and logically, and you can customize the priority of the subjects you’re studying.

Cram Fighter Makes Customizability a Priority

Just like Osmosis, we allow students to create multiple study periods, like a lighter schedule during their classes, then a heavy study schedule during dedicated study period. With our study blocks feature, we give students more options. Cram Fighter users can create as many study blocks as they like. So for example, a student can review First Aid three times at different paces.

Got an idea for a complex study plan? Not a problem. With Cram Fighter, you can create study blocks that overlap and run in parallel. But, unlike Osmosis, Cram Fighter lets you see tasks from each in the same daily to do list, so you never get lost.

Study blocks

Cram Fighter Can Save You When You Fall Behind

Cram Fighter’s rebalance feature has been called “a lifesaver.” No other study planner has the capability to automatically get you back on track when you fall behind. We know students face a lot of extra responsibilities, distractions, and interruptions. That’s why we designed a study planner that adapts to change.

When you fall behind and your study tasks start piling up, you don’t have to worry. As long as you have a Cram Fighter study plan, you can automatically re-adjust your schedule and see what you need to do each day. Over the course of studying for boards, we find students rebalance their study schedules 10 times on average. With our rebalance feature at your disposal, these unexpected changes don’t have to be roadblocks. Your study plan can be flexible enough to keep up with your life, but still keep you on track to get through your resources in time for your exam.


Having Cram Fighter rearrange my tasks was a lifesaver that kept me from being completely overwhelmed.

Katherine M., Ross University School of Medicine

Cram Fighter also provides stats and guidelines, so you can see when your schedule might be overwhelming by comparing your workload to your peers’. This way, Cram Fighter helps prevent you from falling behind by guiding you towards success right from the start. As you build a study schedule, Cram Fighter will alert you if your schedule is looking to be too ambitious. And, we help you deal with setbacks if you do take on too much. When you feel lost, overwhelmed, or unsure of how to catch up, Cram Fighter’s rebalance feature is the tool you need.

Finally, we have a dedicated customer support team that is committed to your successful use of Cram Fighter to stay on track. Got a question about using study blocks, fixing an overly ambitious schedule, or any other technical question? We can help! Customer support is just a click or an email away, with our live chat support or email response times less than 1 business day.

While Osmosis is a strong tool, it lacks some of the core functions that Cram Fighter contains, which have helped tens of thousands of med students achieve their target board scores. Because of Cram Fighter’s dedication to study planning specifically, we continue to be a better option for the students who wish to take advantage of all the study resources they choose to use and to use our rebalancing feature to keep them on track with the push of a button.

To build your own study schedule, head to to try it free for 7 days.

About the Author

Erica Forrette is the former Director of Marketing at Cram Fighter.