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The Best Free MCAT Practice Tests

If you are just getting started on your MCAT prep or looking for more MCAT practice tests, you may find yourself with a ton of options. It’s hard to figure out where to start—full-length exams, Qbanks, diagnostic quizzes—the list is endless!

While Qbanks provide an invaluable opportunity to target your prep on specific subject areas, full-length practice tests are incredibly important to help get you ready for the MCAT.

Think of it like preparing for a marathon. When you prepare for a marathon, it’s important to build up to the full length that you’ll be running. Near race day, you’ll want to mimic the experience as much as possible so you know what to expect and can make sure your mind and body are as prepared as possible.

Taking full-length MCAT practice exams follows the same logic. If taken properly, they can help simulate the MCAT testing experience, allowing you to practice your test-taking skills and get more comfortable with the content.

But where can you find the best MCAT practice tests without breaking the bank? Check out our list below of the top free MCAT practice tests that are available to students right now.

The Best Free MCAT Practice Exams:

  1. AAMC Practice Exams: By far, the best way to practice for the MCAT is to take tests available by the test makers themselves. While AAMC MCAT practice exams are not entirely free, they do provide a free sample test with 230 questions that can be accessed through the MCAT Official Prep Hub.
  2. Blueprint MCAT: Blueprint not only provides a free practice exam, but you also get a half-length MCAT diagnostic exam as well. With our free practice account, you can also receive access to their study planner tool and 7 learning modules.

Tips for Taking MCAT Practice Exams

Taking MCAT practice exams is really important to your success on the MCAT. Understanding your performance and establishing a baseline is crucial to narrowing your preparation to the areas of the exam that you need it the most.

However, if you’re not practicing correctly, you may not be taking full advantage of your MCAT practice exams. Follow these tips to make the most out of every full-length test:

1. Take the Test in Test-Like Conditions

The MCAT is over seven hours long. You’ve likely never taken an exam this intense before. Aside from testing your content knowledge and application, MCAT practice tests also help you build endurance for test day. Make sure you follow the allotted time for each section (including breaks) to simulate test day and help you develop timing strategies.  

2. Review Thoroughly

After completing a full-length practice MCAT, dedicate time to review the entire exam. This means questions you got both wrong and right. Blueprint’s practice MCAT exams have built-in analytics that make the review process much more efficient by identifying your exact strengths and weaknesses. Plus, our AI MCAT tutor Blue can help you better understand the logic and concept behind any question.

We recommend splitting your review into stages that span one to two days. Note all insights in a Lessons Learned Journal. Pro Tip: Blue can also help create Lessons Learned Journal entries inside your free Blueprint account!

Your MCAT practice results can guide the rest of your MCAT prep. Sign up for a free consult and get matched with an expert MCAT tutor who can create a personalized prep plan for you and help you raise your MCAT score and meet your goals.

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