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How to Get Into Medical School: Road to Medical School Series

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No one said the path to becoming a doctor was easy. Between keeping a stellar undergrad GPA, a mountain of extracurriculars, the MCAT, and equally-as-passionate peers, the competitive medical school process can make some students feel disillusioned—especially if you don’t know who to turn to for guidance. Well, we’re here to help you figure out how to get into medical school with the Blueprint MCAT Road to Med School series!

Each session, we’ll be taking a look at what you can do to set yourself up for med school in each year of your undergraduate career, from freshman to senior year and beyond. Expect answers to questions like:

-What kind of changes can you expect going from high school to college?
-What are the med school requirements?
-How should you plan your classes in college?
-What college classes help you on the MCAT?
-Do medical schools look at your freshman year?
-How do you apply to medical school?
-What’s on the MCAT?
-Does the science you learn now come back on the MCAT?
-How do you prep for the MCAT?

Our Road to Medical School Series are hosted by Blueprint MCAT experts that have been in your shoes and have years of experience helping students get into medical school and realize their dreams of becoming doctors.

Maybe your school doesn’t have a pre-med advising office, or you haven’t met the requirements to meet with an advisor yet. Or maybe you just want as much information as you can to help you get into medical school. Whatever the reason and wherever you are in your pre-med journey, our Road to Medical School Series will set you on the right track.

Road to Medical School: Freshman Year

We explore how to get started.

Road to Medical School: Sophomore Year

We break down the essentials.

Road to Medical School: Junior Year

Watch Hunter explain what you need to know.

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