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Top Med Schools in Connecticut

Connecticut is an excellent destination for medical students. It is home to world-class educational institutions and has famous historical sites and breathtaking hiking trails. Moreover, its proximity to New York City and Boston means you’ll have access to all the opportunities you could desire.

Despite its small size, Connecticut has excellent medical college options with different environments, strengths, and focus areas. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top Connecticut medical schools and help you understand the kind of scores you need to get admitted to your preferred program.

The most famous medical college in the state is undoubtedly the Yale School of Medicine at Yale University. Next is the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in suburban Farmington.

Top Medical Schools in Connecticut

  1. The Yale School of Medicine
  2. University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Medicine

1. The Yale School of Medicine

U.S. News Ranking: #10 in Best Medical Schools: Research

Tuition: $67,484 (full-time)

Average GPA: 3.85

Average MCAT Score: 519

Acceptance Rate: 4.8%

2. University of Connecticut School of Medicine

U.S. News Ranking: #62 in Best Medical Schools: Research 

Tuition: $43,156 (in-state)

Average GPA: 3.71

Average MCAT Score: 511

Acceptance Rate: 7.73%

The Yale School of Medicine

The Yale School of Medicine was established in 1810 and is one of the oldest medical schools in the country. The institution follows a unique method called the Yale System of Medical Education. This system treats medical students as mature and responsible adults, allowing them freedom while they fulfill their degree requirements. It focuses on giving students a well-rounded education and helping them acquire a scientific mindset.

The program is divided into four years. Year one includes the integrated course curriculum, the medical coaching experience, and training in clinical skills. Years two and three consist of students completing their clinical clerkships and the start of the advanced training period. During year four, medical students continue the advanced training period and participate in sub-internships and research.

The med school has 1,703 full-time faculty and is affiliated with the Yale-New Haven Hospital. It also ranks #68 in the list of Best Medical Schools: Primary Care.

University of Connecticut School of Medicine

The UConn School of Medicine was founded in 1961 and focuses on research and high-quality clinical care. Its M Delta curriculum was created to inspire physicians to achieve scientific advances and contribute to new knowledge in the health care field. It is ranked #62 in research and #65 in primary care in the U.S. News List of Best Medical Schools. The school has produced over 3,977 physicians since 1972 and has collected over $100 million in annual medical school research grants and contract funding.

The school is affiliated with many health care institutions, including the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford Hospital, and The Hospital of Central Connecticut.

Which Med School in Connecticut Is Right for Me?

While there are only two colleges in the state, they differ widely. If you’re considering applying to medical schools in Connecticut, you must weigh both options to see which is best suited to your career goals. 

If higher rankings and reputation are important to you, you should aim for The Yale School of Medicine at Yale University. The school has a prestigious legacy and is the best in the state for studying medicine. However, its expensive fee structure and highly selective admission process can make it inaccessible to some. However, if you’re interested in practicing medicine in Connecticut, the UConn School of Medicine might be more suitable. Historically, about 40% of UConn’s graduates practice medicine in the state. Moreover, it is less expensive than Yale and has lower average GPA and MCAT requirements.

How Do I Get Accepted to a Connecticut Med School?

The best way to increase your chances of getting into the program of your choice is by acing your MCAT. If you aim to get into a well-ranked college, set aside enough time to prepare for the MCAT without getting (too) stressed.

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