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Meet Blue, the First AI MCAT Tutor for CARS

Ever feel like you’re in a wrestling match with the MCAT CARS section…and CARS might be winning? You are definitely not alone in this feeling, and now you’re not alone in gaining back the upper hand! Tap in your newest CARS partner—Meet Blue, the first AI MCAT Tutor for CARS available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

Who is Blue?

Blue is the latest addition to Blueprint’s academic arsenal, designed to support MCAT students the moment they need it: while reviewing CARS questions

Blue is more than just a chatbot. It’s your reliable study buddy, providing guidance and valuable insights and helping you conquer the complexities of the CARS section.

As your new AI sidekick, Blue is ready to coach you through all those tricky CARS questions. And trust us, Blue’s got some serious skills.


How Was Blue Created?

Harnessing the cutting-edge technology of OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM (large language model), Blue was meticulously trained by Blueprint’s MCAT experts to be a Blueprint MCAT expert and reinforce the strategies we teach in our courses.

Blue was then rigorously tested by Blueprint instructors, tutors, and more content experts. After passing all those tests, Blue made its debut for hundreds of MCAT learners in September.

“[Blue] is a great tool to use when reviewing CARS passages. It helps me [analyze] the passages [and reason] through the questions. Additionally, [Blue] asks focused questions to help align my thought process with the way MCAT wants me to think.” – Esha S.

How Do I Work With Blue?

Stuck on a CARS question? Blue is ready to chat and guide you if you need some help. It’s as easy as texting a friend — except Blue won’t distract you with non-MCAT topics! 

“It feels like I’m interacting with a real person. The answers are detailed.” – Ciera T.

Drawing inspiration from real-life teaching scenarios, Blue’s guidance mirrors how a professional MCAT tutor approaches questions. What sets Blue apart is its unwavering commitment to your success. Blue not only provides the answer but also a detailed explanation of the reasoning behind it. You won’t just get a solution; you’ll have the chance to understand the thought processes and strategies required to tackle similar questions in the future.

Ever looked at an answer and thought, “Why on earth is THAT the correct choice?” We get it. While it’s cool to know the right answer, understanding the “why” behind it is pure gold, and that’s where Blue shines. 

By consistently demonstrating effective strategies and posing the right questions, Blue not only clarifies the answers to specific questions but also offers a framework for tackling CARS problems as a whole. Over time, you’ll learn to use this approach independently and confidently on test day! 

“I liked how I could ask questions related to the question but also questions around strategy or ways of thinking to help me with further questions.” – Helen P

But don’t just take our word for it — start working with Blue now by creating a free Blueprint MCAT account!

Why Should I Use Blue?

Every single one of Blue’s beta testers (100%) said they found Blue useful and would continue to use it. Why is that?

Traditional MCAT prep offers you feedback on your performance — basically, what you answered correctly and what you didn’t. And while it provides explanations for each choice, we know there are more “whys?” and “hows?” that even the best explanation can’t cover.

That’s where Blue comes in!

In a “conversation” that deepens your understanding of CARS, the AI Tutor guides you through a step-by-step review, asking detailed questions to analyze your thought process, recommending the best strategies, and explaining how to apply these techniques throughout the CARS section. 

MCAT CARS Tutor AI Testimonial

Blue won’t just give you the right answer. It will help you develop a strategic CARS approach that translates to your best results on test day! 

Best of all? This tutor is free and available 24/7. 


The MCAT CARS section is like that tricky level in a video game that everyone gets stuck on. It’s unique in that it doesn’t require outside knowledge or content memorization. While that might sound easier than tackling the amount of content knowledge you’ll need in other sections, CARS’ singularity makes it challenging to master.

CARS is also often the most intimidating section of the MCAT for many students. Its dense and challenging passages, complex questions, and unforgiving time constraints make it easy for even the most dedicated learners to become discouraged.

Blue’s goal is to guide you through the maze, helping you understand why the answer is correct and making the whole process repeatable by identifying patterns hidden in the questions.

Harnessing the Power of AI for MCAT Students

Blueprint has consistently set the standard for advanced MCAT prep, from introducing the first Online Self-Paced MCAT Course with a fully customizable study planner to pioneering the AI-powered Qbank — proven to increase MCAT scores by five points!*

Our latest innovation, our AI tutor chatbot called Blue, is designed to amplify our commitment to helping more students achieve life-changing score improvements — +15 points on average. 

We know that AI is a new terrain with rising challenges and limitations, but this isn’t AI for the sake of AI. We’re thoughtfully leveraging its potential to ensure all learners get the very best out of their MCAT prep by making tutor-level expertise available to everyone.

And we’re not stopping here. At Blueprint, our team is tirelessly working on even more groundbreaking innovations to drive MCAT prep and give our students a competitive edge on their journeys to medical school. 

New to the MCAT? Already deep in your prep but struggling with the CARS section? Whatever you’re starting point is, Blue will know exactly how to help you. See for yourself by creating a Blueprint MCAT account today! 

*Blueprint MCAT students who completed at least 1,000 questions in Blueprint’s AI-powered Qbank improved by five points more than those who did fewer than 1,000 questions.

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