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PCAT Biological Processes – ABO Blood Antigens

Which of the following is true of a person with a blood type of AB–?

A. The individual is a universal recipient.
B. The individual can receive blood from both A– and O– individuals.
C. The individual can receive blood from both A+ and B+ individuals.
D. The individual can donate blood to both A– and B– individuals.

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B is correct. Individuals can receive blood if it does not contain antigens that the recipient is capable of producing antibodies against. A person will make antibodies against any antigen that is foreign. For this AB– individual, the only foreign antigen is the Rh factor, since the person has the A and B antigens but lacks the Rh factor. As such, this person cannot receive blood with any positive (+) blood type, but he or she can receive blood from those with any negative (–) blood type, including A– , B–, AB–, and O–. It is AB+, not AB–, that is the universal recipient. Finally, note that any individual with an AB– blood type can only donate to others with an AB– or AB+ blood type.

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