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MCAT Diaries: Losing and Rediscovering My Passion for Medicine

 When it comes to the medical school journey, everyone has their own story, but there’s one big challenge most of us have to tackle: the MCAT. In this new series, our Blueprint MCAT alumni share how they crushed the MCAT and made their med school dreams come true!

Meet Avery, a former Blueprint MCAT student who temporarily forgot their “Why medicine” before ultimately reigniting their passion and accepting an admissions offer to Michael G.DeGroote School of Medicine.  

I’ve been there. Hours spent perusing the app that shall not be named. Watching peers ask “What are my chances” only to see the responses hover around 0.005%. Sometimes, it felt like I’d have better odds of winning the lottery than getting into any Canadian medical schools.

As impossible as it seemed, I and many others are living proof that it can be done. So here’s how I did it and how you can too.

Discovering My Passion for Science

I started my journey in high school, diving into research projects as a junior lab tech. Picture a high school student with a lab coat a few sizes too big navigating the intricate world of research. Those early days as a junior lab tech set the stage for my journey to medical school.

It wasn’t about padding my medical school application resume at that point. It was about a genuine curiosity to understand where my passion for science could lead me.

Unfortunately, undergrad brought a shift. I was never much of an extracurricular person. However, my first year was cut short by the pandemic. I was left with a void that just focusing on my program couldn’t fill.

Wondering if Maybe Medicine Wasn’t for Me

Lost in a sea of assignments and online lectures, I unintentionally distanced myself from my “Why medicine.” This wrecked my perception of the sciences and my lack of passion showed in my grades.

The initial excitement of uni was replaced by the monotony of virtual learning. Campus life turned into pixels on a screen, and hands-on experiences were reduced to simulations. Immersed in the grind, the motivation for medicine faded. Academic responsibilities took precedence over the genuine passion that brought me here.

Yet, with the return to in-person classes after the pandemic, life got a reboot.

The physical presence of peers, the energy of the classroom, and engaging interactions reignited my spark. I realized that my journey in medicine was about a profound connection to the field.

I had a positive shift in my academic performance. My grades improved as my renewed passion translated into caring enough to study (which carried me through my MCAT, but we’ll get to that in a bit). Getting accepted to Canadian medical schools started to feel real again.

Fending Off MCAT Burnout

Navigating the MCAT journey was a challenge that could have led to burnout. However, I approached it with a unique blend of joy and determination.

Balancing a full-time job with three months of intensive studying was no small feat. Weekends weren’t just for hitting the books. They became my sanctuary for thrifting adventures, volunteering, and brushing up on my French (as a good Canadian does). After every full-length practice test, I turned the post-exam blues into a mini-celebration with friends, relishing good food and even better company.

Coming home from an eight-hour shift to dive into three more hours of MCAT prep wasn’t exhausting. Actually, tt was invigorating because I loved every bit of what I was doing.

Blueprint’s MCAT study planner was a saving grace because I never had to waste time thinking about what I was going to do next.

I began participating in extracurricular activities at the end of my third year of university. That summer, my whirlwind of seemingly unrelated activities wasn’t a distraction. They were all my secret weapons against burnout. They reminded me that it was never about acing an exam, but about the privilege to learn, grow, and share that with others. This is now my philosophy behind teaching my MCAT classes.

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Combining My Passions With My Premed Activities

The journey was becoming as important as the destination. Still, reflecting on my autobiographical sketch, the part I’m most proud of is giving myself space to explore MY passions.

These experiences weren’t just checkboxes to enhance my resume to send to Canadian medical schools. They were threads weaving a rich tapestry of personal and professional growth. Each activity, whether hands-on work as a PSW, contributions to identity-focused clubs, or establishing a supportive community, played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative for every interview during my application year.

Interviewers are seasoned pros in sizing up future medical folks. They’re also sharp at spotting the real deal. Without a sincere connection to your reasons, the journey might feel like a never-ending textbook marathon, leaving you dried up and burnt out before interview season kicks in. And guess what? It will show.

It’s not just about ticking the boxes; it’s about bringing the genuine fire that keeps you going through late-night study sessions and makes you light up when talking about your journey.

In a nutshell, passion isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s a flat-out must.

It’s ok to feel doubts. It’s ok to take breaks. However, if medicine is your passion, don’t give up!

Conquering the MCAT may even seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone! Blueprint MCAT is here to provide the support you need to excel on this demanding test. Begin your journey today by creating a free Blueprint MCAT account.

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