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Do I need to know what specialty I want to practice before applying to medical school?
Anesthesiologist, pediatrician, cardiologist...the list goes on. But do you need to know what specialty you want to practice before applying to medical school? Find out in this article by our Pre-Med Advisory Council! READ MORE
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How Much Does It Cost To Apply To Medical School?
It’s almost Halloween, so it’s only fitting that we discuss a topic that sends a chill down some people’s spines: finances. Today, we’re focusing on the costs of applying to medical school. It’s common knowledge that medical school itself is expensive, but many overlook how financially straining the application process can be too. From registering READ MORE
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How Gap Years Affect Admissions – October 2020
Find out how Christine Crispen, former Director of Admissions of UCI School of Medicine and a member of the Blueprint MCAT Pre-Med Advisory Council, anticipates admissions committees will consider COVID-19 gap years and what you can do during yours to make your 2021 medical school application stronger! READ MORE
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How To Get Clinical Experience During COVID
Wondering how you're going to get some clinical experience during COVID? Our Med School Admissions Consultant shares her insights and ideas! READ MORE
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Should I Take A Gap Year Before Applying To Medical School?
Did COVID MCAT cancelations force you to take a gap year before applying to medical school, or even a second gap year? READ MORE
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Medical School Applications Are Up Amid COVID Pandemic
With medical school application numbers on the rise, we're beginning to see the effect COVID is having on medical school admissions. READ MORE
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Should I Apply Early to Medical School?
AMCAS is open for submission! Have you applied already? Is it too late? Former Director of Admissions at UCI School of Medicine Christine Crispens explains what it means to apply early to medical school and whether you should! READ MORE
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What is on the AMCAS?
Do you know what's on the AMCAS? What information do you need to fill out the primary application? Don't start your med school app before reading this! READ MORE