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COVID-19 and Medical School Admissions: Open Q&A
Are you concerned COVID-19 might affect your medical school application this year? Blueprint MCAT is answering your COVID admissions questions! READ MORE
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Should I Apply to Caribbean Medical Schools?
It’s safe to assume there are three things you will hear once you decide you want to become a doctor: It’s hard, you need to study for the MCAT (and that’s not a cakewalk either), and don’t go to a Caribbean medical school. The first two seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll inevitably wonder, are Caribbean medical schools really that bad? READ MORE
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Everything You Need to Know About the CASPer
Did you get an invitation to complete the CASPer? This is not a meeting with the Friendly Ghost! We explain what the CASPer is, who needs to take it, and how to prepare for it! READ MORE
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Med Admissions Master Class
Did you miss our Med School Admissions Master Class? Don’t worry! You can still benefit from the content covered in this highly rated session. We know how difficult the med school admissions process can be. There are so many steps, so many essays, and all of it matters. This FREE Master Class was led by READ MORE
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Med School Admissions Master Class Series with Dr. Ryan Gray
Take advantage of exclusive medical school admissions Master Classes led by Dr. Ryan Gray, founder of Medical School Headquarters and Next Step's Admissions Consulting Curriculum Director. READ MORE
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4 Things Every Pre-Med Needs on their Application
Holistic review. That’s the keyword to keep in mind when applying to medical school. A lot of important numbers fly around when you’re thinking about med school, like your MCAT score and your GPA, and while these numbers are undoubtedly important, they are all just pieces of an overall larger puzzle. At the end of the day, there are a few things that differentiate good applicants from great applicants, and four things that shouldn’t be missing from any medical... READ MORE
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3 Steps To Writing a Strong Medical School Personal Statement
High MCAT scores and a high GPA alone won't get you into medical school. Read on to learn how to write an admissions-worthy personal statement. READ MORE
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Next Step Test Prep Partnering with Dr. Ryan Gray for Medical School Admissions Consulting
You’ve trusted Next Step to get you as prepared for the MCAT as you could possibly be. Over the years we’ve received many questions surrounding medical school admissions, and we realized this was an area many of our students needed assistance with. In our search for the best admissions partner, we knew we wanted to find someone with the background, knowledge, and skills necessary to help transition stellar pre-meds into competitive medical school applicants. READ MORE