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Should I use AAMC Practice Exams or Shorter COVID MCAT Practice Exams?
A couple of weeks ago, Blueprint released shortened versions of all ten of our practice MCAT exams to match the new 5 hours and 45 minutes format for the remainder of the 2020 testing cycle, which extends through the end of September. However, it is highly unlikely that AAMC will be releasing shortened versions of their four full-length MCAT exams for students to prepare with. So which should you use? READ MORE
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How to Review MCAT Full-Lengths
MCAT practice exams aren't just for endurance training. Learn how to review full-length practice tests to help improve your MCAT score. READ MORE
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COVID-19 FAQ and Rescheduled Study Plans
Here at Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step), we want to do our best to help you succeed on the MCAT, and that includes helping you adjust your plans to this evolving situation. With that in mind, here’s an update to help you plan your studies in this uncertain time. READ MORE
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How To Prep For The MCAT During COVID-19
As far as decades go, 2020 is kicking off a new one with a bang—and it’s only March. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with the COVID-19 outbreak going from a staggering topic of overseas news to a full-on pandemic shutting down multiple countries and arriving, rather abruptly, at our doorsteps. The AAMC decided to take unprecedented steps to keep students safe and comply with the practice of social distancing. The situation changes almost daily, but here’s what... READ MORE
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Double Duty: Taking the MCAT While Working
Many premeds are advised to “treat the MCAT like a full-time job.” Theoretically, this can be a successful approach as it allows examinees to immerse themselves in the material for more intensive preparation – especially for non-traditional applicants who have not had recent exposure to MCAT material or standardized exams. But what happens when you READ MORE
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How Do I Form a Strong MCAT Study Group?
There is a golden rule amongst medical students when trying to learn something: “See one, do one, teach one.” Essentially it breaks down to this: You see the material once, you try it out yourself, but then you teach it to someone else. It’s really that last step where you understand something. You can’t really READ MORE
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5 Tips to Prep for the MCAT During the School Year
Let’s face it, the MCAT is a difficult exam to study for at any time. It gets harder when you try to prep for it while you’re still in school. Fortunately, it’s definitely not impossible, we have an MCAT online prep course that is flexible for anyone's schedule, and with the help of the below tips, you’ll be able to confidently take the MCAT next spring! READ MORE
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Integrating AAMC Materials into your MCAT Prep
The AAMC Prep Resources are an invaluable part of your MCAT prep, but you can't solely rely on them. Find out how to integrate the AAMC materials into your MCAT study plan. READ MORE