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Make Your Last Week Before the MCAT Count

Your MCAT test date is about seven days away. While you might not be able to increase your MCAT score in 1 week, there’s still a lot you can [and should] do in the final stretch.

After months of grueling work, sacrificing time with friends, hitting pause on streaming anything, and questioning your life choices, it’s here. Well, almost. 

As you stand on the precipice of one of the most pivotal moments in your journey to becoming a physician, it’s time to sharpen your focus and ensure nothing is left to chance. 

This seven-day checklist is your ally, guiding you through the final stretch with precision and peace of mind. Because around here, we start AND finish strong!

MCAT 1-Week Schedule

Seven Days Out

Verify Your MCAT Logistics

Triple-check the when, where, and how of your MCAT test date. Know the testing rules like the back of your hand. What’s in your test-day arsenal? What can you bring to the MCAT? How are you going to get there?

 Do a dry run, if possible, to make sure everything goes smoothly on test day.

The Final Practice Test

Take your final full-length practice test under test-like conditions. Think of it as a sacred ritual. Treat it with the reverence it deserves, and dissect your performance meticulously afterward.

Self-Assessment: The Honest Appraisal

Are you hitting (or nearly hitting) your goal score? Adjust your expectations to be ambitious, yet grounded. And whatever you do, don’t fall into the comparison trap. 

Not hitting your goal score and panic is starting to seep in? Take a breath. It’s ok. Here’s what you can do!

Wellness: Your Secret Weapon

Start living life under test-day conditions too! Dial in your sleep, nutrition, and hydration. Hopefully, you’ve been able to take your practice tests around the same time your MCAT will start.

Regardless, keep a consistent sleep schedule and start waking up early enough to be fully alert by 8 AM, so you’re at peak performance on test day. 

2-3 Days Out

Embrace Calmness Techniques

They really do work! Whether it’s through meditation or deep breathing, find your center. Excessive stress is the enemy; tranquility is your shield.

If you haven’t already, develop strategies to stay calm and focused during the exam

Move Your Body, Ease Your Mind

Light exercise can be a balm for pre-test jitters. Endorphins are your friends.

Seek Wisdom and Reassurance

Lean on other premeds. Talk to those who’ve walked this path before you. Their insights can be the light that guides you through the fog of doubt.

If you’re a Blueprint 515+ student, look for some extra encouragement in the discord channel. If you’re not, reach out to us and other premeds on our social channels (we’re everywhere, but catch us particularly on Instagram and TikTok!

Visualize Your Success

Write down your score goals, but also visualize achieving them. Positive thinking is not a myth—it’s a strategy.

Tutorial Time: Your Strategic Canvas

The tutorial time is not for idling. Plan the equations and concepts you’ll write onto your wet-erase board.

For You

Download our free MCAT Equation Sheets now!

The Day Before Your MCAT Test Date

Step Away from the Books

Trust in the work you’ve done. You may not drastically increase your MCAT score in 1 week or even 24 hours, but you’ve already given yourself a wonderful foundation.  

A day of rest isn’t just deserved—it’s strategic. If the thought of not studying sends you into a spiral, allow yourself a brief MCAT flashcard session. Set a timer. Ten minutes, no more.

ID Check: Your Golden Ticket

Your ID is your entry pass. Ensure it is valid, verifiable, and meets all the criteria. No room for error here.

Pack Your Test-Day Bag

Choose your outfit (because when you look good, you feel good. It’s a scientific fact. Maybe.). 

Pack your snacks and a test-day lunch that’s tried and true: now’s not the time for culinary surprises.

Final Words of Advice

Trust yourself. You’ve prepped for the MCAT with diligence. Now it’s time to trust in that preparation and all your hard work. 

Take care of yourself, believe in yourself, and go forth with confidence. The finish line is in sight. Soon you’ll be wondering, what am I supposed to do with all this free time? 

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