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3 Way to Make Your Medical Application Stand Out
You’ve completed your pre-med academic requirements. You’ve worked hard for a good GPA and MCAT score. You’ve gathered your letters of recommendation and now it’s time to start your med school application. In order to get called in for an interview, you need to catch the eye of the admissions officer reading you. Here are READ MORE
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Revised MCAT Scoring Scale Released
MCAT 2015 Scoring Scale With the release of a revised scoring scale students anxiously awaiting the launch of the new MCAT in 2015 have something new to consider.  At the end of April the AAMC released the radically changed scoring scale which was created for a number of reasons: The scoring scale needed to be READ MORE
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Courses needed for the MCAT
The new MCAT is coming in 2015! The first place to look, as always, is to the AAMC. They have their not-quite-yet-the-official-guide out. You can get a copy for free here: The thing to keep in mind about the new test is that it’s going to be MUCH longer (including check-in time and waiting READ MORE
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AAMC Adds MCAT Test Dates to 2014-15 Testing Cycle
The AAMC has decided to schedule additional MCAT administration dates in the 2014-15 testing cycle.  Additional dates were added in October and November of 2014, and January 2015.  They are taking this unusual step because of an expected increase in MCAT test taker volume as students rush to take the current version of the exam READ MORE
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How to become a competitive applicant for dental school
How to become a competitive applicant for dental school A guest post by Admissions Helpers Dental school admissions committees take the time to carefully review the many different elements of each dental school application.  In this article, we will review the different components that dental schools consider when evaluating applicants, and discuss how you can READ MORE
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Re-applying to Medical School: 6 Helpful Tips to Get it Right This Time
Guest post from Yael Redelman-Sidi, co-founder and admissions consultant advisor at, a medical school admissions service. Reapplying to medical school is a very difficult process – you know you want to be a doctor, you know you could be a great one, but last year you couldn’t convince medical schools to admit you. At READ MORE
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Stuck in an MCAT Score Plateau?
I’m stuck! One of the most frustrating things that MCAT students face is the moment when they hit an MCAT score plateau. You work and work and WORK and just can’t seem to break out of a particular MCAT score region. It doesn’t matter how great your MCAT prep course is, sometimes this just happens. READ MORE