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What’s on the MCAT?
The MCAT is a 7.5-hour long exam; so, it should come as no surprise that there is a lot of content to cover. This exam is designed to test you on the abilities that will make you a successful first-year medical student. So, it’s not just about the in-depth knowledge of science. Your pre-med courses READ MORE
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New AAMC Exam! Now What?
New AAMC Exam! Now what? The AAMC just released a new official scored exam for the MCAT. The question facing pre-med students is now: how should I use all of the AAMC’s official resources? Let’s start with a quick run-down on what the AAMC now offers: AAMC MCAT Official Guide The official guide (OG) gives READ MORE
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Your Guide to the MCAT in 2016
Most kids play doctor at some point during their childhood, but very few still want to play doctor as they grow up. For those few, the Medical College Admissions Test, much more commonly known as the MCAT, is a daunting reality. This test and the scores you receive on it determine your choices for medical READ MORE
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Free Guide Helping Premeds with Low Stats Get ACCEPTED!
The road to med school isn’t always so simple. Sometimes a low GPA or MCAT score may interfere with that “easy in” (which doesn’t really exist for anyone anyways), requiring you to work a little harder. We’d like to introduce you to Accepted’s new guide, Applying to Medical School with Low Stats: What You Need READ MORE
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A Path To Medical School For Non-Traditional Students
There is a reason “playing doctor” is something most kids do growing up. Being a physician is a career that many people believe to be the ultimate “job.” Taking care of another human being during their most vulnerable time is an amazing privilege that few people get to experience. For different reasons, many people give READ MORE
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Medical School Application Timeline
Applying to med school requires thought, planning, and preparation. Though the decision that you want to become a doctor can be made overnight, preparing takes much longer. This article will discuss the application process, prerequisites, and timeline to follow when applying to medical school. How to Decide if Medical School is Right For You Think READ MORE
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Which MCAT Will You Need?
The MCAT is changing in 2015, everyone knows that.  But which version of the test will you need?  The answer is that it depends on when, and where, you are applying!  The AAMC recently released a document summarizing the results of a questionnaire they sent to 141 US medical schools. We wanted to summarize the READ MORE
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MCAT 2015 Time Limits
While having an in depth understanding of the content tested by the new MCAT will be vital to your success on test day, there is something else you need to worry about.  Timing.  The MCAT tests your ability to solve problems, and solve them quickly, just as much as it tests your knowledge of organic READ MORE