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You’ve Got One Month Left to Register for the June LSAT

We’re one month away from the June LSAT registration deadline. If you think this is a lot of time, then you’re indulging in some false comfort.

You need to sign up early if you want to get a decent LSAT test center before they all fill up. Dilly dally, and you could get stuck with a hole in the wall three counties over with a former hall monitor for a proctor who just can’t wait to make your day resemble something out of a Turkish prison.

In the recent past, LSAT proctors – high on power and ineptitude – have written up students for innocently touching their pencils during the break, called time five minutes early, and confiscated analog wristwatches. On the other hand, a good LSAT proctor – usually a law student who’s slogged through an LSAT or three herself – will make your day a delight.

You’re probably not happy with your latest practice LSAT score. And you will feel like the neurotic love child of Bridget Jones and Larry David for a few more weeks, but this shouldn’t keep you from merely registering. You’ll have until the night before the June LSAT to make up your mind about actually sitting for the LSAT.

So have a look at our guide to Blueprint-area LSAT test centers and register for the June LSAT.

Good luck and keep working hard!