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Your Last Day Before the LSAT Game Plan


It’s finally here. The day before the LSAT. LSAT Eve, as we all call it no one calls it. You’ve been studying for months, trying to wrap your head around conditional statements, common fallacies, scenarios, and whatever the heck the Reading Comp passages have been about.

But with just one day left, you surely feel pressure to make the most of your rapidly diminishing time. You want to squeeze one last drop of score increasing-juice from your pulverized mind grapes. With the hours ticking down, you want answers on how to make the most of this final day.

Here with those answers is veteran Blueprint instructor and host of our brand new online course Brett Donaldson. Take it away, Brett …

Yeah, that’s right. You did not mishear Brett. You shouldn’t do anything. Treat yourself. If you must study, make it a light and frothy session.

If the thought of not studying before exam freaks you out, remember: you got this. The exam on Saturday will look like any other exam you’ve taken. Surely you’ve taken some practice exams before — probably many. This one won’t be any different.

Sure, there might be a question or two that seems insurmountably difficult, but nearly everything on the test will just be some version of a question or game or passage that you’ve done many times over. Remember the lessons from those past questions, and the new questions will be made all the easier. If some question is truly bewildering, you can always just skip it. No one — not even the illustrious 180-getters — gets everything right on the LSAT, so there’s no shame in skipping to questions that you will get right.

Remember everything you’ve learned up this point, and you’ll do great tomorrow. So now get off this screen, and have yourself a day. You got this.