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LSAT Exam Day: What to Bring (And What Not to Bring)

Test day is almost upon us, and you should have everything you need for the LSAT ready in advance so that you don’t end up scrambling in the morning.

Be sure to check out your LSAC Candidate Agreement for a better breakdown of test day dos and don’ts; here are some highlights of what to bring and what not to bring.

What to Bring on LSAT Exam Day:

  • Yourself. Sometimes people forget their test day; don’t be one of these. If you decide you’re not ready for the LSAT, visit the LSAC website before midnight ET the night before the first day of testing to reschedule your test day or by midnight ET the night before your test date to withdraw from the LSAT and avoid an absence on your record.
  •  Your LawHub username/password. This is the same information you used to register for the LSAT and access official practice tests.
  • Identification. School ID won’t suffice for the LSAT; you need something government-issued. Your driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or passport are fine.
  • A snack and a drink. Not the alcoholic kind — that’s for later. The drink needs to be in a plastic bottle or in a juice box. The snack should be packaged such that it doesn’t make a mess all over your other stuff. All food and drink must be placed in your assigned locker at the test center and will only be accessible during breaks.

What NOT to Bring on LSAT Exam Day:

  • Your phone. Don’t **** with LSAC. You will get kicked out of the LSAT test center for having your phone on you. It’s not worth it. While we’re here, it’s worth saying that any electronics of any kind are not allowed. If you bring your phone, make sure you store it in your assigned locker but don’t use it until after you’re completely done testing.
  •  Anything you wear on your head. The only way you can get around this one is if it’s religious apparel. Hoodies, caps, hats, berets, and even sunglasses are not allowed.
  • Backpacks or purses. Literally, any kind of bag isn’t allowed in the test center.
  • Earplugs. You will be assigned noise-reducing headphones as part of your equipment and materials.
  • Pencils. You will be provided pencils and three blank, unlined, colored scratch paper booklets.

The morning of the LSAT exam, don’t try to cram any last-minute practice questions you haven’t seen before — at this point you should be fully prepared. Avoid any prep that can shake your confidence. If you really want to do a warm-up pick something beforehand, like an easy logic game. Don’t check your answers —  just finish your breakfast and head to the testing center early. Read our breakdown of your LSAT test day schedule so you know what to expect, and when to arrive at your testing center.

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