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Your June 2016 LSAT Instant Recap

NOTE: This post will be updated as reports roll in, so check back if you don’t find the info you’re looking for.

It’s over! You did it! (Or you didn’t, but you should still be interested.) What was it like? Well, reports are trickling in, but here’s what we’ve heard so far.

Logical Reasoning: Many of our sources – who will remain anonymous so the gangsters at LSAC don’t come after them – complained of a brutally difficult first LR section. It’s not clear whether this was the experimental, but, if not, it could bring down the curve.

Reading Comprehension: There was a passage on art (shock!), specifically clay tablets, that was apparently extremely difficult. Our sources – many of whom lost their lives to bring you this information – say it was the third passage, which is quite common for the super hard passage. Other than that, the analysis is that Reading Comprehension was straightforward.

Logic Games: Other than kinda weird subject matter like a game that talked about things made in the 1920’s, our sources – who need a nap and a drink, not necessarily in that order – alleged that this section was fairly straightforward.This has seemed to be true since the June 2014 exam, when students reported a funky game, the likes of which hadn’t been seen in a decade.

Experimental: Our sources – who have told us to just chill out because they need a few !@#$ing minutes to gather their thoughts – believe the third section was the experimental.

What say you? Got any intelligence? Was it hard? Easy? Crazy? Participate in the discussion below!