June LSAT: The Morning Cometh

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    The dust is settling on the June 2015 LSAT, and overall, it sounds like there were some surprises on the test, with a lot of test-takers hoping for a generous curve.

    Much like last year, the section that generated the most discussion was Logic Games, where test-takers were faced with an unusual and difficult final game about magazine features. We can’t discuss too many of the particulars, but it sounds like the game gave very few rules, and I’ve heard a few people say that they found at least one of the rules to be confusing. LSAC has been throwing more unusual games at test-takers recently, and it looks like that trend is here to stay.

    In Reading Comp, several people have noted that they found the Comparative passage (about morals) to be quite dense, which is unusual since those tend to have more straightforward structures. Many folks were also tripped up by a tricky passage about glass.

    For Logical Reasoning, I’ve heard rumors that there were more Parallel questions than usual, and several test-takers also mentioned that some difficult questions appeared earlier in the section than is standard. Also, there were some very long questions, which required test-takers to remember more information from the stimulus in order to answer the question. The general consensus seems to be that Logical Reasoning was slightly more difficult than average.

    The overall lesson here is that LSAC is continuing its trend of throwing some curveballs in with some otherwise standard questions. Logic Games is a good section to keep your eye on for future LSATs, as we’ve been seeing a lot of unusual games recently. In Logical Reasoning, LSAC seems to be sticking to its typical question types, but has been adding some extra layers of difficulty for question types that have tended to be more straightforward in the past (such as Disagree questions). And Reading Comprehension continues to be a mixed bag.

    If you took yesterday’s test, first take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Then let us know your thoughts on how it went – do you agree with the general consensus? And how about that last Logic Game?!

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