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You Got This


Hey you — yes, you about to take the LSAT. Know that you got this and that you’re already an exceptional person going into this exam. Here’s why:

When you chose to go to law school, you set yourself up to be among a relatively small and ambitious group of people who aren’t afraid to work hard and commit to their education for the sake of accomplishing truly worthy goals.

And those accomplishments aren’t just acing the LSAT and passing the bar exam. The actual result of those tests is that you will have the power, knowledge and agency of a JD. Taking the LSAT, in the end, is a step on this path toward a degree that will allow you to help countless people and to secure your own future.

The LSAT isn’t an obstacle to fulfilling your dreams — it’s a significant level you’ve reached in achieving them.

Even though the LSAT is a step in your life worthy of celebration, it’s completely normal to feel anxious leading up to the test. It’s funny how we feel nervous or stressed because we care about the test, but there’s no way that the worrying can help.

Your studying is behind you now, and the great news is: the material you studied is going to be on the exam. There are no big surprises about the type of questions you’ll be asked, and you’ve already proven through your studying that you can get through this exam successfully. And as a Blueprint student, you can trust that the study methods you learned are going to serve you well.

Now is the time to take care of yourself. Imagine how you would want your best friend to go about treating themselves and relaxing before this exam. You deserve to do the same.

On the day before the LSAT, it’s true that you’re hours away from the test, but you’re also just a few more hours away from the fulfillment of a major goal and the free time to do whatever makes you happy.

The very best of luck to you on the LSAT! We’ll be here to update you and to get your feedback once the exam is done.