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Why You Don’t Want the LSAT to Be Easy (Video)


There are very few people who sit down and take a practice LSAT for the first time, and say, “Boy, that was easy.” And even for the few that do, most of them look at the score later and say, “Boy, was I wrong when I thought that was easy.” There are a few geniuses with brains that mysteriously sync with the LSAT, and to them the test is indeed easy. These people constitute less than 1% of the LSAT-taking population, so the chances are great that you’re not among them. (If you are, you may discontinue reading this blog post now. It’s not for you, Smartypants.)

For the rest of us all-too-human lawyers-to-be, the LSAT is really, really, reeeeeaaaallllyyy hard. As the baffling title of this post suggests, that’s kinda, sorta what you want. Maybe not reeeeeaaallllyyy hard, but you certainly don’t want it to be easy. I can hear you now, “Yes, I do! I want it to be easy. You don’t know anything about me. Furthermore, you’re not my real mom, so you can’t make me clean up my room.” Yes, I hear you, I hear you. Through the mess of your appallingly messy room.

So, don’t take my word for it. Take Blueprint instructor and reigning Yahtzee world champion Brett Donaldson’s word for it. Once you watch the neato little video below, you will instead say, “Ohhhhh, I really don’t want the LSAT to be easy.” Won’t you feel foolish and sheepish at that point.

The fact is that it has a little somethin’ to do with competition – a lawyer’s bread and butter – when it comes to showing your ability to think like a lawyer. So, even if you walk away from this video grumbling about how you still wish the LSAT were easy regardless of what Brett says, I can guarantee that, once you’ve gotten that score you were after – maybe as early as this month – you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of pride and gratification. You’ll walk into [insert dream law school here] with your chest puffed out and your head held high.

So now, Brett, take it away!