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What’s the best major for the LSAT? (Video)

If you’ve done a little bit of nosing into the idea of going to law school – and chances are that, if you’re reading this blog right now (and you are reading this blog right now, just to be clear) you have – you’ve likely found out that there’s no required major or minor or even courses you must have taken to go to law school. Unlike med school where you need to do pre-med and take inscrutable things like organic chemistry and physiology, whatever those are, law schools’ mission is to take absolute beginners and turn them into lawyers in three years. Communications major? Step right up. Engineering maven? C’mon down. Independent studies? Oy, independent studies. Yes, you’re eligible. Let’s move on.

So far so good, right?

Well, what about the LSAT? Obviously, you don’t need any particular major to take the LSAT if you don’t have to for law school, but are there majors that set you up to do well, or at least better than your peers in other majors? The answer is in the video below. Acting major and LSAT super-expert Brett Donaldson will give you a brief rundown of how the major you choose affects your chances on this monster of an exam.

Without giving away too much in written form, the short answer is that, regardless of your major, you needn’t despair about your chances on the exam. Especially if you get your LSAT ninja training from the master ninjas at Blueprint.

And so, friends, without further ado, here’s Blueprint instructor Brett with the low down on the LSAT and undergraduate majors: