Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. The University of Nebraska College of Law has developed an app to help law school students track their personal, educational, and professional development as they make their way toward being lawyers. Law.com

    B. Florida Man and Florida Woman are at it again, this time taking selfies with unconscious emergency patients. Shine on, Sunshine State! The Miami Herald

    C. 94% of the eight-or-so people who bought the Apple Watch are satisfied. Way to go, Apple! Computer World

    D. If you’ve taken a Blueprint course, you know that dark matter holds a place in our collective heart. Here’s some more info about it. Scientific American

    E. Tried so very hard to get through today’s Logical Reasonings without a reference to Donald Trump, but he’s back to harping on the whole “Ted Cruz’s dad murdered JFK” thing again. The Daily Kos

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