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What to Expect as You Await Your LSAT Score

If you took the October LSAT, you’re probably wondering where your LSAT score is. Your LSAT score is not scheduled to come out until Wednesday, but they usually arrive multiple days early. So people are getting anxious. You could be getting your LSAT score at any time! Like right now! Go check your email!

No, but seriously, try not to freak out about it. Worrying won’t make your LSAT score come out sooner or be any higher. However, you can start planning for one of three results:

1. Your LSAT score is exactly what you expected. Great. No surprises, it all paid off. Now get started on your applications. Really, now! Send them out as soon as possible, and you’re on your way to enjoy law school!

2. Your LSAT score is higher than you expected. Super great. Give yourself a pat on the back and then a hug. You probably had a number of schools lined up that you were planning on applying to, but you might no need to tweak that. Apply to reach schools as well as safeties. That’s even more important now, because they’re much less of a reach if you’ve got a high LSAT score.

3. Your LSAT score is lower than you thought. What do you do now? Well, how much lower? If it didn’t dip by that much, you could consider keeping it and applying. But all things being equal, it’s always better to have a higher LSAT score, so you might want to consider retaking. There are still spots available for the December LSAT, and with tons of study you can see your LSAT score rise again.

So happy waiting! Soon you’ll either have a cause for celebration or despair, but either way you’ll be drunk.